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Replacement Filter for Steel Alkaline Water Bottle

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Extend the life of your Alkaline Steel Drinking Bottle with these easy-to-use replacement filters. Each filter will purify and alkalize your water for approximately six months.

These replacement filters fit inside our Life Science Alkaline Steel Drinking Bottles. With carefully-designed technology, they turn regular water into alkalized water, which can help your body get back to a more balanced state. Keep a few filters on hand to be able to quickly and easily change your filter without interrupting your flow of healthful, balanced water.

What’s Included: This item is sold individually. When you order, you get ONE replacement filter for our Alkaline Steel Drinking Bottles.

Size: These filters fit in our 22-ounce Alkaline Steel Drinking Bottles.

How to Use: Alkaline bottle filters typically last for six months of daily use. When your filter could use a change, just toss the old filter out and drop a new one in. Then continue enjoying your pure and balanced water daily.




尺寸:¬†這些過濾器適合我們的 22 盎司鹼性鋼飲水瓶。