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Shipping & Exchanges

We can send our products to every corner of the world🌎 
Just order directly online at
Pay by credit card 💳, PayPal or Apple Pay. Choose to ship by SF Express or Fedex (pre-shipment fee will be shown on the payment page) 👍🏻

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Any customer that receives products that are damaged or defective can exchange the product at our shop in Tsuen Wan within 7 calendar days after receiving the package. Please note that damaged or defective products can be exchanged once only.


Diffuser will have a 60 day Warranty Period upon receiving the package. If any diffusers are found to be faulty or defective during the Warranty Period, we will either repair or replace the diffuser at no additional costs to you, provided that you shall take the defective diffuser to our shop within the Warranty Period.


Any products that are reported lost, will receive these options once a “Lost Package” claim is started with the shipping company.