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Mini Scale 迷你電子秤(100g/0.001g)

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Use this mini scale to measure the weight of your favourite items.

  • PRECISION SCALE - Accurate & professional digital milligram scale - 100g capacity and 0.001g accuracy. If you wanna weigh medicine, powder, jewelry or need exact weight, our milligram scale is your best choice.
  • CHANGEABLE UNITS - Large 5-digital blue LCD display for easy reading in different 6 units: g / oz / ozt / dwt / ct / gn. No worry about single unit, here you have different unit to meet your needs.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONS - Mini digital scale with high precision, perfect for gold or jewelry weighing, powder or other small things weighing. Can be used as Lab scale, Jewelry scale, diamond scale and Carat Scale.
  • INGENUITY - The count (PCS button) function gives you an accurate count and tare weighing function ensures more precise result and the hold function will lock weight readings. With wind-shelter to prevent influencing the weighing accuracy by the interference of external environment.
  • POWER - USB and can also be used with batteries.


Mini-scale x1

Micro USB wire x1


精密秤 - 準確且專業的數字毫克秤 - 100 克容量和 0.001 克精度。如果您想稱量藥物、粉末、珠寶或需要精確的重量,我們的毫克秤是您的最佳選擇。
可更換單位 - 大型 5 位藍色 LCD 顯示屏,可輕鬆讀取不同的 6 種單位:g / oz / ozt / dwt / ct / gn。不用擔心單個單元,這裡有不同的單元來滿足您的需求。
多功能 - 高精度迷你數字秤,非常適合稱量黃金或珠寶、粉末或其他小物件。可用作實驗室秤、珠寶秤、鑽石秤和克拉秤。
獨創性 - 計數(PCS 按鈕)功能為您提供準確的計數和皮重稱重功能,確保更精確的結果,保持功能將鎖定重量讀數。帶有擋風板,防止外界環境干擾影響稱量精度。
電源 - USB,也可與電池一起使用。

迷你秤 x1

Micro USB 線 x1