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Marine Collagen Peptide 海洋膠原蛋白肽 (30g) - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

Marine Collagen Peptide 海洋膠原蛋白肽 (30g)

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Collagen is one of the most important components of the skin. As we age, the collagen in the skin will be gradually lost, resulting in wrinkles, sagging, hollowing, sagging and other signs of aging. Collagen peptides are made up of microfractions of collagen that can quickly penetrate into the underlying skin, restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin while helping to reduce wrinkles and enhance the contours of the skin. It can be added to hair care products to make hair soft and smooth and prevent split ends.


INCI: Marine Soluble Collagen

Usage: 1% - 5%

Solubility: Water

Appearance: White Powder

Origin: USA

Storage: Store in a cool, dry area. Away from direct sunlight or heat.

Caution: For external use only. Do not use on children. Perform a patch test on your skin to check for an allergic reaction. Do not make contact with eyes and open wounds.