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Lava Swirl Earrings

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Perfect for enjoying the benefits of essential oil for any occasion—formal or casual. With this pair of handcrafted honed lava stone earrings you’ll have artisan jewelry that doubles as the perfect diffusing tool. Just add your favorite Young Living Essential Oils to the porous stone and enhance your mood and your day.


Size: 8mm diffusing stone


How to Use:

 Carefully add 1-3 drops of your favourite oil by dropping them onto the openings in the porous lava stone. Rub the stone to distribute the oil evenly. Wipe away excess from your hands on a clean cloth. Allow your natural body heat to stimulate the natural diffusion from the stone. When you need a boost, pull the pendant up and inhale deeply.

適合在任何場合(正式或休閒)享受精油的好處。有了這對手工打磨的熔岩耳環,您將擁有兼作完美擴散工具的手工珠寶。只需將您最喜愛的 Young Living 精油添加到多孔石中,即可改善您的心情和您的一天。


尺寸:¬†8mm 擴散石



¬†小心地加入 1-3 滴您最喜歡的油,將它們滴在多孔熔岩的開口上。¬†摩擦石頭使油均勻分佈。用乾淨的布擦去手上多餘的部分。¬†讓您的自然體溫刺激石頭的自然擴散。¬†當您需要提升時,向上拉吊墜並深吸一口氣。