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Glass Rod 玻璃棒

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1. Used for stirring
In order to accelerate the mixing of the chemicals and liquids, glass rods are used to stir.
2. Used for electrification experiment
Rubbing fur and silk can easily estimate the positive and negative electricity.
3. Used to spread liquid evenly into somewhere
In order to avoid fierce reaction especially dangerous chemical reaction, stir rods are used to pouring the liquid slowly.
4. Used to produce sight glass
Some large diameter glass rod are used to produce sight glass.

Glass rod, also called stirring rod, stir rod or solid glass rod, commonly uses borosilicate glass and quartz as material. Its diameter and length can be customized according to your requirements. According to different diameter, the glass rod can be divided into laboratory used stirring rod and sight glass used rod. Glass rod are corrosion resistant. It can resist most acid and alkali. It has strong hardness and can work in 1200 °C high temperature for long time. Thanks to these features, stirring rod is widely used in laboratory and industry. In laboratory, stirring glass can be used to speed up the mix of chemical and liquid. It can also be used to do some experiments. In industry, glass rod are used to produce gauge glass.

Length: 15cm or 20cm



1. 用於攪拌
2. 用於通電實驗
3. 3.用於將液體均勻地分散到某處
4. 4.用於製作視鏡