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Frosted Glass Jars With Silver Lids (6 Pack) - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

Frosted Glass Jars With Silver Lids (6 Pack)

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These sleek glass jars make a perfect container for homemade cosmetics, creams, and more. Because they’re glass, they’re ideal for use with essential oils and don’t contain chemicals that will leak into the product. Their glass surface looks classy and helps keep sunshine from ruining the bottle’s contents. Whether you use these jars for your own use at home or fill them with products to sell commercially, their attractive, high-quality glass will keep your creations safe.

What’s Included: When you order this item, you get a pack of six glass jars with plastic silver lids.

Size: 1.5 inches tall x 2 inches diameter

Volume: Jars hold approximately 50 ml.

Helpful Hints:

Don’t forget to label your bottles! Whether you are keeping them for yourself or giving them away, labels will help you remember what’s inside and avoid misuse.