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Eating Out of Heaven's Garden (2nd Edition) - Teri Secrest

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The path to a vibrant, healthy life is found within the full-color pages of the 2nd edition of “Eating Out of Heaven's Garden”. With Teri Secrest as your guide, you can rid your home of health-damaging foods and ingredients and exchange them for life-enhancing ones. Every page offers important information, inspiration, and encouragement to start your journey to maximum health.

Teri's full-color 2nd edition offers even more:

·         Easy to follow steps for healthier eating

·         Over 90 pages of delicious, easy to make whole food recipes

·         Full-color photos of every recipe

·         Large, easy-to-read print

·         Lay-flat wire binding for ease of use in kitchen

·         Sturdy, laminated covers that will stand up to years of enjoyment


Product Details:

Pages: 152

Chapters: 7

Published: 2012

Binding: Spiral Bound

Size: 9.5” x 9.25” x .5”


通往充满活力的健康生活的道路就在《从天堂的花园里吃出来》第二版的全彩页中。在Teri Secrest的指导下,你可以在家中摆脱损害健康的食物和成分,并将它们换成增强生命力的食物。每一页都提供重要的信息、灵感和鼓励,以开始你的最大健康之旅。











章节: 7



尺寸:9.5'Äù x 9.25'Äù x .5'Äù