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Cats 101 Mini Booklet - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

Cats 101 Mini Booklet 貓 101 迷你小冊子 - 第2版(英文版)

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第二版來了! 貓咪為所欲為,它們當然也有自己的癖好。但使用精油不一定是其中之一。是的,你可以給貓咪使用精油。你只需要使用正確的精油,並註意使用量。精油為您護理貓咪提供了一個天然的選擇。這本30頁的迷你小冊子為您提供了一個完美的概述,讓您了解家中可能已經有的易於使用的精油。用它來向新朋友介紹精油,分享更健康、更快樂、更無壓力的生活樂趣。

The 2nd Edition is here! Cats do as they please, and they certainly have their hang-ups. But using essential oils doesn’t have to be one of them. Yes, you can use essential oils with cats. You just have to use the right oils and be careful of how much you use. Essential oils provide a natural option as you care for your canine friends. This 30-page mini booklet gives you the perfect overview for easy-to-use oils you may already have in your home. Use it to introduce new people to oils and share in the joy of healthier, happier, more stress-free living!