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Atomizer With Gold Metal Shell

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Create your own essential oil blends, spritzes, sprays, and more and take them with you wherever you go in this compact, lightly-spritzing atomizer

This sleek gold/silver atomizer makes spritzing on the go easy and convenient. Add your favorite perfume, breath spray, air freshener, floral water, and more to the atomizer and take it with you wherever you go for easy spray-on application. Inside the gold/silver casing, a thin glass vial holds whatever liquid you add to the atomizer, so it’s safe for use with essential oils and can hold all your favorite spray-on essential oil creations.

What’s Included: One gold/silver atomizer with cap.

Size: Atomizer is approximately 3 ¼” tall and ½” in diameter. Glass vial inside holds approximately 3 ml of liquid.

How to Use:

  1. To add liquid to the atomizer, first remove the cap and pull the gold/silver casing off of the inner glass vial.

  2. Unscrew the spray cap from the glass vial.

  3. Pour desired liquid into the glass vial, then replace the spray cap and the gold/silver casing.

  4. Enjoy the ease of spritzing your favorite breath fresheners, body sprays, room sprays, and more.