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AromaGo Chevron 6 x 15-ml AND 2 x 5-ml Case (Yellow) - Life Science Publishing & Products Hong Kong and Asia

AromaGo Chevron 6 x 15-ml AND 2 x 5-ml Case (Yellow)

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This foam-lined 8-vial pouch has secure elastic holders for keeping your oils in place. The sleekly designed chevron-patterned zippered pouch holds up to 6 15-ml bottles and 2 5-ml of your favorite essential oils so you can carry full-sized versions of your top essential oils at all times. 

With heavy nylon construction, this chevron-patterned yellow and white pouch comfortably holds 6 15-ml bottles and 2 5-ml bottles of essential oil. Reinforced elastic forms hold the bottles in place while foam lining helps to protect from contact or breakage.

 What’s Included: 1 eight elastic band padded yellow and white, nylon zippered pouch

 Size: 6.75” x 3.5” x 2.5”

  How to Use:

  •  Secure your favorite essential oils in place by tucking them gently in to the elastic forms

 Helpful Hints: Collect several colors and sizes of pouch to organize your oils collection according to function.

Disclaimer: Bottles are not included with the purchase of this item.