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Aroma Clean 芳香潔淨 (英文版)

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Connie McDanel B.S.芳香系列中的《芳香清潔》(Aroma Clean)書。和Katherine Fuller B.S. , 女士。教您如何使用100%純精油清潔房屋並清潔身體。 芳香系列的Aroma Clean體積提供了從內到外創建更綠色,更健康的住宅的提示和配方。您將發現最危險的化學藥品以及如何避免使用。您將學到如何將家居中的日常物品重新用於滿足您的所有清潔需求。實際上,將治療級精油與常見的天然家用物品結合使用可以節省您的時間,金錢,空間和煩惱。




尺寸:5.5英寸x 8.5英寸x 0.5英寸

The Aroma Clean book in the aroma series by Connie McDanel B.S. and Katherine Fuller B.S. , M.S. teaches you how to clean your home and cleanse your body using the power of 100% pure essential oils. 

The Aroma Clean volume of the Aroma Series offers tips and recipes for creating a greener, healtheir home -- inside and out. You'll discover which dangerous chemcials are the most common and how to avoid them. You'll learn how everday items in your home can be re-purposed to serve all of you cleaning needs. In fact, combining therapeutic - grade essential oils with common, natural household items can save you time, money, space and worry.

Product Specifications:

Pages: 55

Published: 2017

Size: 5.5" x 8.5" x 0.5"