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Aroma Child 2nd Edition (Simplified Chinese) 芳香小孩 第二版(中文簡體版)

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這本芳香小孩的作者,是來自Young Living的白金領袖Donna Chow。作為父母,我們會為孩子們提供最好的學習環境,而我們希望他們能夠把握機會。 在學業發展方面,我們需要花很多努力和心機來提高他們的成功機會。 在芳香小孩中,您將學會怎樣使用Young Living產品幫助您的孩子找到最佳的成功策略。 無論是幫助他們上課時專心,有助於解決問題,還是對自己的學業能力充滿信心,芳香小孩裏全都是幫助孩子成功的最佳方法。


From Young Living Platinum leader Donna Chow, comes Aroma Child.

As parents, we want the very best for our children, and we want them to be able to embrace opportunities. When it comes to academic development, there are many steps we can take to enhance their chances of success. In Aroma Child you will find the best success strategies to help your children in every aspect of their life using Young Living products. Whether its helping them stay focused in the classroom, motivated in their problem solving, or confident in their scholastic abilities, Aroma Child is full of great recipes and ways to help your child succeed.






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