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Aroma Breathe 芳香氣味 (英文版)

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芳香氣味是關於香薰擴香的書籍。總共有48頁和34個配方,這本小書本可以讓你開啟你的精油旅程,作者Katie Ganger會在未來的新版本分享更多配方和心得 。擴香是將精油融入您生活的最簡單方法之一,也是最自然的分享方式之一。當朋友進入你的家並享受到來自擴香的美妙感覺時,會讓他們想要了解更多。這是一個自然的對話啟動者。 作者Katie Ganger說:“我為我們在芳香氣味創造的東西感到自豪。我真的相信擴香提供了無限的可能性。這本書對於任何一個從Young Living開始的人來說都是一本完美的書 。這是讓團隊成員重新啟發熱情,重新煥發活力,重新參與的更好方式!“ 產品詳情: 頁數:48 發佈時間:2017年 尺寸:6“X 9”X 1/8“

Aroma Breathe is about all things diffusing. With 48 pages and 40 recipes, this gets you well on your way, and co-author Katie Ganger has plenty more for future volumes. Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to incorporate essential oils into your lives, and one of the most natural ways to share. 

Says co-author Katie Ganger: “I’m proud of what we created in Aroma Breathe. I truly believe that diffusion provides limitless possibilities. This is a perfect book for anyone starting out with Young Living or for veterans who are stuck in a rut and would like some fresh ideas. It’s an even better way to get members of your team re-enthused, re-energized, and re-engaged!”

 Product Details:

Pages: 48

Published: 2017

Size: 6" X 9" X 1/8"