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Animals 101 Mini Booklet (English) 動物 101 迷你小冊子(英文版)

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正如精油可以成為人類強大的治療工具一樣,它們也可以對寵物有益。但由於動物的嗅覺通常比人類強得多,因此在嘗試治療寵物時以正確的方式引入和使用精油很重要。 “動物101”教您如何向動物中引入精油,以及如何根據所護理的動物使用適當的稀釋度和油量。它還教您可以在寵物上使用哪種精油,以及在何處使用精油可以使寵物獲得最佳效果。如果您或客戶群中的某個人有他們喜歡的動物,“動物101”是您必不可少的精油指南。



Just as essential oils can be powerful healing tools for humans, they can be beneficial for pets as well. However, because animals’ sense of smell is often much stronger than humans’, it’s important to introduce and use essential oils in the correct way when trying to treat pets. “Animals 101” teaches how to introduce essential oils to animals and how to use the proper dilution and oil amount depending on the animal in your care. It also teaches what individual essential oils can be used for on pets, and where to apply oils to get the best results with your pet. If you or someone in your client base has an animal they love, “Animals 101” is an essential oil guide that you won’t want to be without.



What’s Included: Mini Booklets sold individually

Pages: 15

Published: 2015