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8 oz (240ml) Clear Plastic Bottle with White Foamer Pump - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

8 oz (240ml) Clear Plastic Bottle with White Foamer Pump

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Use this bottle for your homemade essential-oil-infused soap creations or to help extend the life of your liquid soaps. Just add soap to the bottle, and enjoy the silky-smooth foam soap that results.

Kids love washing their hands with foam soap. (And adults do too!) With this foamer pump bottle in your cabinet, you can help your kids learn good hand-washing habits and enjoy it too. Just add your homemade soap, soap concentrate, or Thieves hand soap to the bottle, add water, and enjoy the benefits of washing your hands with extra-lathering soap.

What’s Included: This items is sold individually. When you order, you get one 8-ounce clear plastic bottle with white foamer pump top.

Size: Bottle holds 8 ounces of liquid.

How to Use:

  1. Fill the bottle about ⅛” to ¼” full of soap concentrate.

  2. Fill the rest of the bottle up with water.

  3. Screw the top of the bottle on and enjoy foam soap.

Helpful Hints: Did you know you can make your own foaming hand soap solution? All you need is pure castile soap, your favorite essential oils, and a little water. Add these to the foamer bottle, and you have an economical and healthy soap for your family.