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Perfume Base Alcohol (Ethanol 96%) 香水基劑 酒精(乙醇 96%)(100 ml 及1L)

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96% food grade pure alcohol, extracted from grapes, is the perfume base.

It is mainly used for making perfumes, which can dissolve essential oils, make mosquitoes repellent spray, act as a solubilizer.

The alcohol obtained by fermentation using grapes as raw material has the best quality and no off-flavor, but the price is the highest.  The use of alcohol such as corn fermented is the second best.  The alcohol fermented with potatoes, etc. contains a certain amount of impurities, and the smell is more irritating.  After the alcohol is eextracted, it needs to be purified and then aged.

Suitable to produce: perfume, aroma rattan stick diffuser, mosquito repellent spray, air freshener, disinfectant hand sanitizer, fragrance spray.

Dosage: 20-100%

DIY essential oil perfume recipe:

Perfume base alcohol 15ml

30-50 drops of essential oil

從葡萄中提取的 96% 食品級純酒精是香水的基礎。


使用葡萄為原料經發酵制得的酒精,品質最好,無雜味,但價格最高。 採用如玉米發酵的酒精,次之。而用馬鈴薯等發酵的酒精中含有一定量的雜質,氣味比較嗆鼻。採取得酒精後還需要經過先純化再陳化的步驟。




香水酒精 15ml