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10 ml Cobalt Blue Steel Ball Roll-on Bottles (6-pack) 10毫升深藍色玻璃滾珠瓶(6件裝)

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These beautiful cobalt blue bottles have a roll-on top, allowing you to apply your product directly where you want it and do so smoothly and evenly.

Whether you use these blue glass bottles to hold your favorite massage oil or an essential oil blend, the roll-on top will make application smooth and easy. Cobalt glass is an ideal carrier for essential oils because it lets in a relatively small amount of UV rays, protecting the oils inside from damage. Use the 10 ml glass bottles for everything from sharing samples with others to storing and organizing your own essential oil collection.

What’s Included: When you order this product, you get a pack of six 10 ml blue bottles with steel balls and caps included.

Size: Bottles hold 10 ml of liquid, or approximately ⅓ ounce.  

How to Use:

  1. Use a pipette or glass dropper to transfer desired liquid into the 10 ml glass bottle.

  2. Once desired liquid is in the bottle, snap the roll-on cap onto the mouth of the bottle.

  3. Screw the cap on to the top of the bottle, and store bottles upright to prevent spills or leaks.

Helpful Hints:  For best results with roll-on bottles, it helps to use a carrier oil with essential oils. Check out our Coconut Oil or V6 Vegetable Oil.


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