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1 oz (30ml) Amber Glass Bottles with Pump Sprayers 1盎司(30ml)琥珀色玻璃噴瓶

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With a six-pack of 1 oz. glass spray bottles, the possibilities for your essential oil mixing are endless. Mix up your favorite essential oil blends, carry them with you wherever you go, share them with friends, and find that your essential oil use has just become ultra portable.

It’s becoming more and more popular to use essential oils to make essential oil blends and homemade cosmetics, creams, and sprays. When you do this kind of custom creating, it’s important to use glass bottles, not plastic, so that the chemicals in plastic don’t get into the oil mixture. These amber glass bottles are ideal for all of your oil-mixing and cosmetic-creating needs. Made of amber-colored glass, they allow less light in than clear glass, allowing the contents of the bottles to stay pure for a longer period of time.

The 1 oz. size is the perfect size to fit in your purse, backpack, or briefcase for more convenient travel. At less than a dollar apiece, these amber glass bottles are a must-have for your essential oil toolset.  

What‚Äôs Included:¬† 1 oz. amber glass bottles with pump sprayers and plastic caps.

Size: Bottles hold 1 oz. of liquid.

How to Use:

  1. Transfer essential oils or other materials into the amber glass bottles using a glass dropper or pipette.

  2. Cut the sprayer top’s tube to the appropriate length if necessary. For best results, cut it at a 45-degree angle.

  3. Screw the pump sprayer lid on tightly.

  4. Replace the plastic cap.

  5. Carry your favorite creations with you wherever you go and easily share them with family and friends.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Check out our selection of glass droppers to make your essential oil mixing much easier and mess-free!

  2. If you are using the glass bottles to make a liquid spray with your favorite essential oils, try using epsom salts to keep the oil and water from separating. Just sprinkle epsom salts on the bottom of the bottle, add your essential oils, then fill the remainder of the bottle with water.

<pre id="tw-target-text" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Translation">1盎司。玻璃噴霧瓶,您的精油混合的可能性是無限的。混合您喜歡的精油混合物,隨處攜帶它們,與朋友分享,並發現您的精油用途已變得超便攜式。


1盎司size是適合放入錢包,背包或公文包的理想尺寸,以方便旅行。這些琥珀色玻璃瓶每個售價不到一美元,是您的精油工具套件的必備品。 ¬†












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