Cocoyl Glutamic acid 椰油酰谷胺酸 1kg

Cocoyl Glutamic acid 椰油酰谷胺酸 1kg

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Cocoyl Glutamic acid is mild and has a natural coconut aroma. After alkali neutralization, it has good foaming properties and does not feel tight after washing. It can be used in neutral to weakly acidic products such as facial cleansers, shower gels, transparent soaps, etc. PH value 2.0-3.0, special powder, not easy to choke the nose during operation.

Features: Made of natural amino acids, it gently cleanses the skin and has a good moisturizing effect. The pH value that can naturally degrade weak acids is closer to that of the skin, and has better anti-oil and anti-hard water effects.

INCI: Cocoyl Glutamic acid

Appearance: white powder

Storage: Store in a cool, dry area. Away from direct sunlight or heat.

Caution: For external use only. Do not use on children. Perform a patch test on your skin to check for an allergic reaction. Do not make contact with eyes and open wounds.




INCI:Cocoyl Glutamic acid