Rewards Program 獎勵計劃

【Referral Rewards Program 推薦獎勵計畫】
Now you can share the joy with your friends our Referral Rewards Program and be rewarded! Take delight in sharing today!
現在您可與好友分享全新的推薦獎勵計劃,並賺取精彩獎賞! 立即行動,分享喜樂!
<Referral Rewards 推薦獎勵>
Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
They get a HK$25 off coupon (can be used for orders HK$1000 or above)
You get a HK$25 off coupon (can be used for orders HK$1000 or above)
<Health Points 健康積分>
Earn more Health Points by purchasing our products, and turn those Health Points into awesome rewards!
Ways to earn 賺取方式:
Earn 1 Health Point for every HK$1 spent 
每港幣$1 消費即可獲得1個健康積分
Ways to redeem 兌換方式:
100 Health Points = HK$1
100個健康積分= 港幣$1
How It Works 如何使用:
1. Click on the button on the bottom left corner of the website 按網站www.discoverls.com左下角的按鈕
2. There will be 2 sections (health points program on the top and referral rewards program on the bottom). 你將會看到兩個部分(上面是健康積分,下面是推薦獎勵)
3. You should be able to see how many Health Points you have at the top. 你可以在健康積分的部分看到你有多少健康積分
4. To refer to a friend, copy the link at the bottom and share it with a friend. 如果你想推薦你的朋友,請複製底下的連結,並分享給你的朋友。
5. Your friend will receive a discount code after joining as member with the link you sent. 當你的朋友用你發送的連結加入成為會員,他會立刻收到一個優惠碼。
6. You will also receive a discount code after your friend makes a purchase with his/her discount code. 當你的朋友用他的優惠碼購物後,你也會連隨收到另一個優惠碼。
7. To use the discount code, simply type it into the discount code section of the checkout page. 你只需要把這個優惠碼到結帳頁面上輸入,就可以獲得優惠。