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You Can Lead a Man to Oils (English) - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

You Can Lead a Man to Oils (English)

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Men are, by and large, less likely to take control of their own health than women. Perhaps it’s a macho thing, but it’s true—especially where essential oils are concerned. While women increasingly enjoy the health benefits of essential oils, the men in their lives remain stubbornly skeptical. If you’re a woman who uses oils for your health, you know all the excuses men have to avoid using oils—excuses that range from unreasonable doubts to outright refusals to even consider the possibility.

For many women, watching the men in their lives dismiss the proven health benefits of essential oils is painful. You want the best for your husband, son, friends, and family, but you can’t convince them of how well essential oils work.

You Can Lead a Man to Oils… is a lighthearted but convincing book targeting male resistance to essential oil use written by a reformed oil skeptic. Author Ron Corica reveals how to introduce essential oils to men and how to address misinformed opinions. Corica offers his own story, personal testimonials, and practical tips to both men and women to help them move into a new state of wellness.

Page Count: 161

Author: Ron Corica

Year Published: 2018