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The One Gift

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Embark on a journey of truth and discover the veracity of Frankincense and other Essential Oils in ancient times with “The One Gift”.  Follow Gary Young on his voyage of enlightenment about the power of Essential Oils and witness his profound personal experiences that edified the importance of Essential Oils in our modern life.   Discover the significance and value of Frankincense in the old world and its uses as a curative through Gary’s travels on the actual Frankincense trail of ancient times.  This wonderful narrative presents the origins of Essential Oils in a new and reflective light.  “The One Gift” is Gary’s gift of wisdom and illumination to you and the rest of the world. 

 The proceeds from the sale of this book will go the D. Gary Young Foundation.  The mission of this foundation is to support and provide an opportunity for less fortunate individuals in third world countries to improve their lives through education and better health.

 Overview of Topics:

  • Chapter 1 ‚Äì The Caravan
  • Chapter 2 ‚Äì From Bedouin to Commander
  • Chapter 3 ‚Äì The Sandstorm
  • Chapter 4 ‚Äì Raiders in the Night
  • Chapter 5 ‚Äì Desert Pirates
  • Chapter 6 ‚Äì My Cousin, The Thief
  • Chapter 7 ‚Äì Alimud‚Äôs Betrayal
  • Chapter 8 ‚Äì Return to Al-Balid
  • Chapter 9 ‚Äì The Parting: Kaleb‚Äôs First Caravan
  • Chapter 10 ‚Äì The Night Storm
  • Chapter 11 ‚Äì Meeting Balkis, Queen of Sheba
  • Chapter 12 ‚Äì Tamrin‚Äôs Deception
  • Chapter 13 ‚Äì Theft in the Queen‚Äôs Camp
  • Chapter 14 ‚Äì Taming the Camel
  • Chapter 15 ‚Äì Grandfather Azaad‚Äôs Awakening
  • Chapter 16 ‚Äì A Reason to Live
  • Chapter 17 ‚Äì The Black Scorpion Strikes
  • Chapter 18 ‚Äì The Hagban: A Fight to the Death
  • Chapter 19 ‚Äì The Abduction
  • Chapter 20 ‚Äì Kaleb‚Äôs Trial of Faith
  • Chapter 21 ‚Äì The Rescue
  • Chapter 22 ‚Äì The Son‚Äôs Love
  • Chapter 23 ‚Äì The Treacherous Crossing
  • Chapter 24 ‚Äì Sheba‚Äôs Change of Heart
  • Chapter 25 ‚Äì Sheba and Solomon: Hidden Agenda‚Äôs
  • Chapter 26 ‚Äì Tamrin‚Äôs Last Fight
  • Chapter 27 ‚Äì Armin‚Äôs Sky Father
  • Chapter 28 ‚Äì Finding Peace: Life Goes On
  • Chapter 29 ‚Äì Jona Brings the Caravan Home
  • Chapter 30 ‚Äì Twenty Years later
  • Chapter 31 ‚Äì The One Gift

 *Be sure to check out the companion book to the One Gift “Shutran’s Ancient Apothecary”.  “The One Gift” and “Shutan’s Ancient Apothecary” also come together as a bundle! Own the entire collection available through Life Science Publishers.

 Product Details:

Pages: 294

Chapters: 31

Binding: Hardcover

Published: 2010

Size: 6.5” x 9.25” x 1.25”