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The Four Year Career (English)

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Learn how to make your dreams of success and financial freedom come true with “The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition”.  Author Richard Brooke teaches how to create a residual income as well as how to build, sustain and enjoy one’s network market.  Acquire a foundation in Network Marketing and gain an understanding about what this industry is as well as what it is not.  Success stories from various Diamond Leaders within the Young Living Organization are provided to show real life examples of financial achievement within this industry. Learn how to “figure out” the network marketing realm and forever enrich your life financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually with “The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition”.

Overview of Topics:

  • Why Network Marketing
  • Network Marketing Myths
  • Traditional Sales vs. Network Marketing
  • How it Works
  • Four Cornerstones of the Four Year Career
  • The Asset Value
  • Momentum
  • The Renaissance of The Family & Community
  • What to Look For in a Network Marketing Company
  • Eleven Different Success Stories
  • Four Year Career Vision: Mach II With Your Hair On Fire

 Product Details:

Pages: 97

Published: 2013

Size: 5.5” x 8” x .25”