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Healing Feelings From The Heart (English)

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Learn how to alleviate that emotional ache inside and open the door to restoration with “Healing Feelings From Your Heart”.  In this sequel to “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” learn how to change the unique vibrational frequencies created by our negative feelings and thoughts.  Negativity can obscure the truth about who we are.  It accumulates in our Be-ing and creates a false identity that masks the true self and love within.  Author Karol Truman provides the information necessary to utilize the tool of ‘scripting’  and resolve negative emotional energy in order to bring harmony to the spirit.  Discover the power of mental affirmations and allow your innate goodness to shine through with “Healing Feelings From Your Heart”. 


Overview of Topics:

·         Introduction: The "Script"

·         Chapter 1: What Happened

·         Chapter 2: How We "Mis-place" Our Identity

·         Chapter 3: Come With Me On a Journey

·         Chapter 4: Which One Needs Healing?

·         Chapter 5: Let's Get the Show on the Road

·         Chapter 6: Stripping Away

·         Chapter 7: What Am I Learning?

·         Chapter 8: Would You Like Another Avenue?

·         Chapter 9: Liberating Your "Self"

·         Chapter 10: Who's to Blame?

·         Chapter 11: Can You Let Go?

·         Chapter 12: Brent's Story

·         Chapter 13: Allowing All of Life

·         Chapter 14: Re-visiting the Past

·         Chapter 15: The Crowning Principle

·         Chapter 16: Accomplishing Forgiveness

·         Chapter 17: Healing Old Relationships

·         Chapter 18: A Grateful Heart

·         Chapter 19: Revere Your "Self"

·         Chapter 20: What is the Purpose?


Product Details:

Pages: 249

Chapters: 20

Published: 2011

Size: 6” x  9” x .75”