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AromaGo Tote Bag Plus 10 x 15-ml Case - Life Science Publishing & Products Hong Kong and Asia

AromaGo Tote Bag Plus 10 x 15-ml Case

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This stylish purple & cream tote combines with our soft case pouch designed to hold 10 bottles of 15-ml of your favorite oils. Branded with LSP’s signature tagline and logo.

Our All My Friends Do Oils Tote and coordinated pouch are a sleek way to transport your oils. Whether you are taking them to a demonstration or simply having them along for personal use, this 2-part combination will keep you organized and provide ample space for carrying not only the 10 vials of 15-ml sized oils, but also other informational materials and products.

 What’s Included:  1 purple / cream tote, 1 purple / cream 10-vial pouch (for 15-ml sized essential oils)

 Size: 11” x 6” x 12” (tote) 7” x 4.25” x 2.25” (10-vial pouch)

 How to Use:

  • Select your top 10 essential oils for demonstrations
  • Use the coordinated tote to carry your other collections, samples, and / or informational materials

  Helpful Hints: The tote has capacity for 10 pouches, so bring samples, gifts, party products, and / or informational materials and books with you in one convenient bag