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Aromago 10 Vial 15ml Chevron Case (Pink) - Discover Health & Lifestyle Asia

Aromago 10 Vial 15ml Chevron Case (Pink) Aromago 10瓶15毫升雪佛龍盒(粉紅色)

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這款方格圖案的黃白相間的小袋,採用厚重的尼龍結構,可以舒適地容納10瓶你最喜歡的15毫升的精油。強化的彈性形式固定瓶子,而泡沫內襯有助於防止接觸或破損。 無論您是將所有精油裝入袋中,還是將您最喜愛的精油和載體混合裝入袋中,您都可以隨時將您最喜愛的精油帶在身上。 

 包括的內容 1個粉紅色/白色的10瓶泡沫內襯小袋

 尺寸:7" x 4.25" x 2.25"


有用的提示。 買一個鎮靜用的,買一個做飯用的,買一個急救用的。


This pink and white 10-vial, foam-lined pouch has secure elastic holders for keeping your oils in place. A sleek design and stylish print make this zippered pouch the perfect way to carry up to 10 of your favorite 15-ml bottles.

With heavy nylon construction, this chevron-patterned yellow and white pouch comfortably holds 10 vials of your favorite 15-ml bottles of essential oil. Reinforced elastic forms hold the bottles in place while foam lining helps to protect from contact or breakage. Whether you fill the pouch with all essential oils or a mix of your favorite essential oils and carriers, you’ll be able to have your top oils on you at all times. 

 What’s Included: 1 pink / white 10-vial foam-lined pouch

  Size: 7” x 4.25” x 2.25”

 How to Use:

  1.  Place 15-ml bottles inside specialized mesh
  2. Fill a 15-ml bottle with your preferred carrier oil to have 9 essential oils and 1 carrier on hand

 Helpful Hints: Buy one for calming, one for cooking, and one for first aid


Disclaimer: Bottles are not included with the purchase of this item.