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Aroma Tote™ 10 x 10ml Roller Ball Case Soft (Purple) - Life Science Publishing & Products Hong Kong and Asia

Aroma Tote™ 10 x 10ml Roller Ball Case Soft (Purple)

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This soft-padded neoprene case allows you to store and carry your oils in a flexible way. With microfiber, leather-like finish on the interior, the case absorbs spills yet provides an elevated, YL-branded experience. An internal pad ensures against breakage between bottles, while maintaining flexibility of the case.


This padded neoprene case flexes with you, allowing you to pack it in other cases and take up less space. The YL branding conveys quality and personal advertising as you travel. The internal microfiber faux suede absorbs spills and impact to help preserve your oils in travel. The elastic band holders keep bottles in place and internal divider protects against impact and breakage.

What’s Included: 1 neoprene case. Bottles are not included with this product.

Size: 10 - 10ml Roller ball bottles

How to Use:

• Place each oil in the elastic base to hold each oil in place in the pack.

Helpful Hints: Use the internal divider to ensure against spills and breakage