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Ancient Einkorn - D. Gary Young (English) - Life Science Publishing & Products Hong Kong and Asia

Ancient Einkorn - D. Gary Young (English)

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“Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life” is a fascinating and informative book by D. Gary Young. It is a must read for individuals concerned about modern-day hybridized wheat which contains vast amounts of super gluten, starch and drugs. This book details Gary’s exhaustive journey to locate and successfully cultivate this ancient grain and how it is now being cultivated on Young Living farms. This book details the many health benefits of einkorn. The harmful effects of hybrid wheat including diseases and disorders it triggers are explained as well. Once again, Gary shares his research and findings to help you enjoy a better quality and healthier life.


Overview of Topics:

· Acknowledgments, Preface and Introduction

· My Quest to Find Einkorn

· The Decline of Nutrition

· Modern Hybrid Wheat

· Gluten: Friend or Foe

· Enzymes

· Diseases and Disorders Triggered by Hybrid Gluten

· The Silent Killers the Pharmaceutical Companies Love

· The Road to Recovery and a Healthy Life


Product Details:

Pages: 162

Chapters: 8

Published: 2014

Size: 6” x 9” x .25”