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A Statistical Validation Of Raindrop Technique - David Stewart, Phd - Life Science Publishing & Products Hong Kong and Asia

A Statistical Validation Of Raindrop Technique - David Stewart, Phd

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During the past fifteen years the Raindrop Technique has become a widely used therapeutic protocol throughout the United States.  Numerous Anecdotal accounts affirm the significant and substantive benefits generated by this procedure.  The Raindrop Technique has been used to improve cases of viral infection, kyphosis, scoliosis, chronic fatigue syndrome as well as many other conditions.  David Stewart reviews the experiences of more than 14,000 sessions of the Raindrop Technique in order to evaluate its validity.  The overwhelming positive responses and testimonials from the Raindrop sessions within Stewart’s evaluations provide powerful confirmation as to the effectiveness of this technique.  “A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique” is a must-have for anyone considering using the technique, questioning its validity or wanting to experience it’s benefits for themselves.

 Overview of Topics:

  • Abstract
  • What is Raindrop Technique?
    • Definition of Therapeutic Grade Oil
    • The Need for Research
    • The Essential Oils Used in Raindrop
    • Where Raindrop Gets its Name
    • Research Methodology
    • Demographics and Research Results
    • Tabulation of Respondent Comments
    • Discussion and Conclusion
    • Bibliography
    • Appendix: Raindrop Survey Questionnaire

 *Be sure to check out David Stewart’s other inspiring books!  “Healing Oils of The Bible” and “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”. Both are available through Life Science Publishers.

 Product Details:

Pages: 60

Published: 2002