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7th Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference (English) 精油參考大全第七版(英文版)

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精油參考大全第七版是最全面的精油綜合指南。這本精油參考大全將科學研究的實際結果與經過驗證的最佳使用方法相結合。螺旋裝訂讓您可以講頁面完全打開並平放,讓您更容易去閱讀和應用。塗層硬封面保護令書籍不易被沾污,我們還採用較輕的紙張,讓您可以方便攜帶。全數包括六個主要部分,側邊的顏色編碼讓您可以易於翻閱。 描述 為了讓您使用時更清晰方便,“精油參考大全第七版”分為六個主要部分。由於書中資料十分豐富,每個部分都會按指南中的相應顏色進行分類。整本書中的每一頁都負有顏色標籤,讓您更方便使用。 每個部分的簡要概述如下: 第1篇:簡介 •精油及其現代醫學中的歷史地位 •精油化學和效果的分解 •精油科學研究和紀錄 •如何生產自療性精油 •如何安全使用精油 第2篇:產品目錄 •單方精油 •複方精油 •營養補充劑 •寧夏枸杞 • 荷爾蒙與健康活力 •個人護理 •兒童的健康選擇 •使用精油保障家人健康 •動物護理 第3節:使用方法 •使用精油的技巧 第4節:特殊專題 •精油:心靈,精神和情緒 •排毒與食物 •健康的重要基石 •長壽與活力-特別功效 第5節:個人使用 •個人使用 第6節:附錄

The 7th Edition of the Essential Oils Desk Reference is your comprehensive guide to the immense properties and capabilities of pure essential oils. This all-inclusive guide combines the factual findings of scientific research with tried-and-true methods for best use. Spiral binding allows pages to open completely and lie flat, enabling you to read and apply effortlessly. Coated pages help to keep your copy resilient from oily fingers, and the lighter paper makes it portable and less bulky.  Sidebar, full-bleed color-coding of the six main sections makes the Essential Oils Desk Reference easy to use.

Sidebar, full-bleed color-coding of the six main sections makes the Essential Oils Desk Reference easy to use.



The “Essential Oils Desk Reference” is divided into six main sections for clarity and user-friendliness. Due to the immense amount of information contained within the book, each section is categorized by a corresponding color within the section guide. This color tabbing continues throughout the book allowing each section to be immediately identifiable and quickly located.


A brief overview of each section is as follows:

Section 1: Introduction

  • A Brief History of Essential Oils and Their Place in Modern Medicine
  • A Breakdown of the Chemistry of Essential Oils and Effects
  • How to Safely Use Essential oils

Section 2: Products

  • Single Essential Oils and Their Application Codes
  • Essential Oil Blends and Their Application Codes
  • Nutritional References and Supplements
  • Ningxia Wolfberry
  • Personal Care
  • Essential Oils and Nutrition for Children
  • Essential Oils Use in the Home
  • Animal Care with Essential Oils

Section 3: Application

  • Neuro Auricular Technique
  • Lymphatic Pump
  • Vita Flex Technique
  • Raindrop Technique

Section 4: Special Issues

  • Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation and Support
  • Aging, Antioxidants, Alkalinity, Cleansing and Diet
  • Enzymes, Minerals and Water

Section 5: Personal Usage

  • Getting Started with Essential Oils
  • Quick Usage Guide
  • Taking Charge of Your Health

Section 6: Appendix

  • Appendix, Bibliography and Index

Product Details:

Pages: 646

Chapters: 20

Published: November 2016

Binding: Spiral Bound

Size: 11” x 10” x 1.5” (with spiral binding)






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