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2 oz (60ml) Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles with Pump Sprayers 2盎司(60ml) 深藍色玻璃噴瓶

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These two-ounce cobalt blue glass bottles are the perfect size to hold your essential oil creations and still be portable. Add your favorite liquid to a bottle, pack it in your purse, and spray it whenever you need it.

The cobalt blue glass of these bottles makes them not only ideal for use with essential oils, but also a powerful protection against damaging UV rays. Use them to hold any all-natural sprays, mists, or spritzes, and enjoy the convenience of being able to spray your favorite products wherever you go, whenever you need them.


Size: Bottles are 4 inches tall and 1 ½ inches in diameter and hold 2 ounces of liquid.

How to Use:

  1. For best results, wipe down the threads of the sprayer and the bottle first to remove any dust or buildup.

  2. If necessary, cut the tube on the sprayer to approximately ⅛” above the bottom of the bottle.

  3. Fill the bottle with your preferred liquid.

  4. Screw the spray top on and spritz away!

Helpful Hints: If you are using the cobalt blue glass bottles to create an essential oil spray, you will have best results if you use a carrier oil (like our Coconut Oil or V-6 Vegetable Oil) or water along with some Epsom salts. Just sprinkle the Epsom salts on the bottom of the bottle, add several drops of essential oil, and allow the salts to soak up the essential oils for a few moments. Then fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil or water, and enjoy an easy-to-apply essential oil creation.



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