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10 Oils to Help You Own a Successful Mindset (Chinese Simplified) 十支精油助你擁有成功心態(中文簡體版)

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分享您喜愛的 Young Living產品,對您來說,或是最自然不過。但在分享過程中,您也可能遇到一些障礙。去理解自己不知道的事,相當困難。向自己作出持續學習的承諾,是一個很好的開始。 對於皇家皇冠鑽石會員領袖 (Royal Crown Diamond) 的安金志芬 (Gretchen King-Ann) 來說,直到開始加倍努力,向自己的團隊成員分享成功的策略時,她才發現一件很重要的事:精油用家最有價值的資產,就是擁有開放的心態。暫且不說天才橫溢的人,任何擁有開放心態的人,都能茁壯成長,擴闊視野和解決問題,最終獲得成功!也許,開創Young Living的業務與你並不平常,這也不是問題。只要您願意付出努力、嘗試新事物、勇於改變、勇於從錯誤和失敗中學習、專注您的目標、讓個人發展成為首要的事,便可以令自己獲得最大的成就。我們生命裏大部份事情,都在機緣巧合下發生,但它們不必如此。我們有能力去改變自己的心態和生活。Gretchen King-Ann與您分享,她最喜愛的精油和讓您心態變得開放的策略,助您掌握自己的未來和踏上成功之路! 安金志芬(Gretchen King-Ann)是一位工商管理碩士(MBA),亦是 Young Living Essential Oils, LC. 的皇家皇冠鑽石級別會員領袖(Royal Crown Diamond)。她與丈夫安宇昭(Andy)和女兒安可喬(Audrey)一起在香港生活。她把此書100%版稅所得利潤,都捐贈與Young Living基金會。她代表基金會,感謝你們的支持和愛護。

Sharing your favorite Young Living products may feel natural to you, but you may encounter roadbloacks along the way. It's difficult to know what you don't know. Committing yourself to a state of constant learning is a good place to start.

For Royal Crown Diamond Gretchen King-Ann, it wasn't until she began really focusing on duplicating her efforts and sharing success strategies with her team that she realised something very important: the most valuable asset to an oil user is an open mindset. With it, any person -- regardless of natural talent -- can grown, expand, and solve problems... effectively becoming a success!

Building a Young Living businss may not come naturally to you. That's okay. As long as you're willing to put in effort, try new things, change, fail & learn from your mistakes, stay focused on your goals, and make personal development a priority, you can set yourself up for the highest success.

Much of our lives may happen purely by accident, but it doesn't have to. We have the power to change our mindset and our lives. Gretchen King-Ann shares her favorite oils and strategies for opening up your mindset, empowering you to own your future and your success!

Gretchen King-Ann, M.B.A. is a Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living Essential Oils, LC. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Andy, and daughter, Audrey. 100% of her profits from royalties earned through this book will be donated to the D. Gary Young Foundation. On behlaf of the foundation, Gretchen would like to thank you for your support.


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