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1 oz (30ml) Glass Salve 1盎司(30ml)玻璃面霜瓶

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These screw-top glass jars are the perfect size to hold just about any cream, lotion, or balm you can dream up. Add your favorite mixtures to the jars, screw on the lid, and have a durable, handy container for your cosmetics. Their 1-ounce size also makes them great containers to hold your toiletries for traveling. Add a set of glass salve jars to your medicine cabinet today, and you might be surprised at all the ways you find to use them.  


Size: Jar is approximately 1 ¾ inches tall and 1 ¾ inches wide. It holds 1 ounce of fluid, about 2 tablespoons.

這些螺口玻璃面霜瓶可以裝面霜,乳液或香膏。將您喜歡的產品添加到這些瓶中,擰緊蓋子,並為您的化妝品提供耐用,方便的容器。 1盎司的大小也使它們成為盛裝旅行用品的理想容器。 尺寸:大約高1¾英寸,寬1¾英寸。它容納1盎司的液體,約2湯匙。

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